123 hp officejet pro 8035 setup & install

HP Officejet Pro 8035 Setup

Unboxing, Setup, and Configuration of HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

HP has promised to stay contentious and creative and has really lived up to its name and important standards. The Technology Behemoth is an unusual leader in redefining its product series which has turned to sweep the markets with its newest offering, the smart and smart-looking 123 HP OJ Pro 8035 All-in-one printer series.


The HP OJ Pro 8035 is not just amazing by the physical demand but a wildly smart thinker as well. Yes, HP has planted intelligence into its unique business printer series leaving the customers startled and amazed. HP OfficeJet Pro series of printers use a design that is just beginning and slated to be the signal for a new period of printer design.


While HP is celebrated for its performance lineage, the printer development is changing into sharp and quick taking the avatar of refreshed HP OfficeJet Pro series. Your Printer now replaces your brain and acts simply as smart as you skipping past cycles and recurring steps, automatic of scan uses, and self-organizing reports quicker and more effectively than ever. Say goodbye to Paper overflow– thanks to the whip-smart output plate system.


Connected with amazing flow and top of the line security highlights such as Self-Healing Wi-Fi, the OJ Pro series is a classic that every small or medium enterprise wants.


Exposing your 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a happy experience but the client cannot manage to use a lazy method in offloading the printer from the directed HP carton. One of those causes why we have our support reports available for all new and old clients alike to help from a crystal clear tiered help on how to offload!

Step 1: Offloading HP OfficeJet Pro 8035

As is clear, offload your HP Printer from the shipping box in a consistent and even adjust to transport the printer in a natural condition to a tabletop. Next, release the printer from stick lines and other packaging stuff fixed to it.

  1. Open the box and raise the brand new HP OJ Pro 8035 out of the box.
  2. Attempt to uncover anything polyethylene film stuck on the Printer Control Panel.
  3. Peel off the packing stickers/lines defending the scanner glass. Seek the assistance of the second-in-command to lift and hold the scanner while you are concentrating on eliminating the protecting films. This is advised to be more secure than making it by ourselves.
  4. Close down the Scanner cover after cleaning the scanner glass.

Step 2: Coupling Power Cord &Pre-set Control Panel Preferences

  1. Control the Printer by plugging the power cable on to the nearest AC wall outlet and then power up the Printer. Pre-set the control panel choices to meet your requirements.
  2. Avoid connecting any data connection cable, prominently the USB cable. You will get an opportunity to connect the USB cable in the middle of the application installation for which you need to wait.
  3. Take hold of the power cable and secure it into the selected power port seen normally on the back of the printer. Of course, the other end must be plugged into an electrical wall outlet or power increase device.
  4. The Printer receives power directly and wakes up from sleep. If it is not, utilize the power button to switch it ON.
  5. The Control Panel screen reflects the startup verify on Settings and begins the Language Menu settings helping input from the user. Act quickly to choose the wanted Language and complete with a Confirm.

Step 3: Insert & Secure Ink Cartridges

It’s at the right time to insert and adjust the ink cartridges delivered with the Printer.

  1. Pull open the front protection door first up. Presently, the ink cartridge access door is noticeable and can be lifted up.
  2. The carriage immediately changes across the axis. Let it yell to a standstill.
  3. The Position may be closed with a protecting plastic cover that must be delivered.
  4. Take out a pack of ink cartridges from the case. Uncover the cartridge from its protecting plastic covering by removing the orange flip right back.
  5. Be encouraged to double-check if the plastic covering or cover is fully stripped before eliminating the orange cap in the after step. If careless, this might result in ink flowing out of the cartridge. While the plastic covering is being eliminated, the paper label covers the top of the ink cartridge breaks a bit allowing limited airflow into the cartridges which are great.
  6. The Orange Cap must work. So, rotate and flip the cap in Anti-Clockwise Direction to get off the cap. The best place to hold the ink cartridges while doing this is by its sides.
  7. Reach the cartridge housing section. Then Insert and ensure the ink cartridges into the particular slots. Verify the proper seating by a snapping sound.
  8. Follow the same steps for seating all of those balance ink cartridges.
  9. Close all the open doors on your Printer.
  10. Complete with an OK once the Printer initialization is completely finished.

Step 4: A4 Paper Mounting on the Input Plate

Attach a quantity of A4 sheets or U.S Letter size sheets on the Input Tray and activate the Printer to do an auto-alignment.

  1. The Input Plate must be slid forward followed by manual regulation of paper width models.
  2. Mount a quality of A4 sheets or U.S Letter Size sheets right on the base of the Input plate. Have in mind that the Print side of the paper should be kept suffering the ground.
  3. Pull the paper width designs closer to easily flank the edges of the paper quantity.
  4. Push back the Input plate and smoothly press OK on the desktop of the control panel. The Printer self-triggers to print and remove an Arrangement Page.
  5. Pick up the Alignment Page and attach it to the scanner glass with the printed side touched toward the glass and corners correctly located across the burned edges on the glass corner.
  6. Put down the cover of the Scanner and smoothly touch OK.
  7. The Scanner scans the set Alignment page to auto-arrange itself. Arrangement successfully is the short message that confirms the arrangement.

Step 5: Leveraging the Fax Highlight

If a client would like to use the fax characteristic, they could recognize the fax cable and link it between the Printer and a Landline association.

  1. One edge of the fax cable is filled into the RJ 11 port on the phone wall jack and the LINE end to the LINE port on the printer’s port set.
  2. Answering machine states could plug one end on the machine but the other should conversely work to EXT fax port jack.

Step 6: Printer Software Installation

The last way of action is to download the most up to date version of the genuine HP Printer Software from HP’s official sites and install them on your PC. The cardinal rule is to not connect the printer and the PC whatever previous to the software installation method.

Wired Connection Medium – USB (Windows)

HP OJ Pro can connect to your PC/Workstation in various methods where USB is one of the routines and mainstream connection mediums.

USB connection medium is platform-independent connecting to both Windows and Mac OS. But, the connection steps and drive access differ from each other though.

The Printer’s hardware capacity is large and all-round but to fully benefit from it, please download the full characteristic drivers and/or Printer software from HP’s official sites 123.hp.com/setup 8035 

123hpcom ojpro 8035

Step 1: Drafting the USB Setup Plan

Drafting the USB Setup plan for a computer/Workstation starts with Requirements collection, verification, and arrangement. This action assures a calm and relaxed approach to a clean USB Printer setup.

Concurrently, be involved in scouting for an old version of the same or other printer software installed reports and remove them immediately to prepare for a fresh USB Setup & Installation.

  1. Assure the accessibility of the undermentioned items to make a successful connection try.
  2. A fully working and operating Printer
  3. Get or Buy a USB cable of length in the neighborhood of 3m (9 Feet 10 inches) or here. Most Printers won’t have a USB cable provided along.
  4. All Windows computers and Macs come up with USB Port development which is the suggested port to plug your USB cable into. Do not consider utilizing any kind of USB Center or Docking station as a common device that may fall flat in giving adequate power supply.
  5. Users have a general error that USB cable may be connected through the power setup method itself which is incorrect. Had the user made such a mistake, especially before the HP Driver Installation process, they can try to change the situation into a device driver imprint eliminating methods inside the Mac or Windows OS. All other clients who did not connect the USB cable so far can skip to the Driver Installation method.
  6. Eliminate the connected USB cable from both edges as a first measure. Take off in reconnecting the USB cord till next, the driver installation method begins.
  7. Drive to ‘Control Panel’ in Windows OS and snap open ‘Devices and Printers’. If you are different from the way, Explore the Windows utilizing the keyword ‘Devices’. Both of the above processes will land you in ‘Devices and Printers’
  8. A Printer icon highlighting HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 may crop up in the ‘Devices and Printers’ Utilize the Mouse right-click button to choose and together open a drop-down menu. Snap ‘Remove Device’ once or many times to delete all device imprints.
  9. Close the ‘Devices and Printers’ screen at once.

Step 2 : Download & Install Drivers – USB Connection Setup

HP’s Product Team works round the clock to have its device drivers and application up to date to avoid disputes and software-driven errors which might make the printer useless. No matter whatever version of the driver/program you have saved, it is a good habit to verify back on HP’s official site to download and save the most up-to-date and relevant software for HP OJ Pro 8035.

  1. Enter hp.com/setup 8035 on the browser address bar and click Enter. Enter OJ Pro 8035 as the Printer model on a text box and snap Download. The Auto-download method starts and helps you to save the file the time the download finishes. View out for the HP Easy Start download.
  2. If nothing prevents, then a full characteristic driver or HP Easy start will start now. All you own to do is simply to answer with routine client commands on the auto-setup application model. The important feature here is to choose the connection standard as USB at the point of ready. Do nothing more as the setup is probably successful in all probability.
  3. If there is an obstacle in the form of a failed download or missing hp printer software on HP’s official site, one has to battle in a manual download and USB Setup method.
  4. Head to HP Customer Care – Software and Downloads, sign in HP OfficeJet 8035 upon an open help that looks. Be accurate and in choosing the OS Version over there.
  5. So, Select Printer to enter Printer Model information/code and Hit Submit.
  6. Same, Select OS to choose or modify OS Version and Hit Change to complete.
  7. Navigate to the Driver heading and hit Download or Basic Drivers apposite to the wants of the user client
  8. This downloads the Installer which will help date you within the connection Setup method. Minimum user intervention maybe wants to save for the choice of USB as the connection type to aid in effective Setup completion.
  9. Ta-da!! The Printer must now be ready to Print or Scan whichever is started.

Wireless Setup – 123 HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 printer

The wired connectivity method is gently but clearly falling out of service. The technology world beheld an expanded increase in wireless devices and connectivity process and is working to split into a wireless ecosystem. HP established a wireless connection process for Printers and explained to the world how to do this!! OfficeJet Pro 8035 is a new opponent in the printer product field but is getting wireless connectivity and protection a few grooves above. Self –healing Wi-Fi is an intelligent Wi-Fi scanner that keeps you constantly connected to a working network.

123 HP OJ Pro 8035 is powered by HP Smart or Wireless Setup Wizard to allow and activate Wireless connectivity. Secure the availability of an active internet connection in the area.

Step 1: Planning the Wireless Connectivity Setup & Installation

HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 can be performed over a wireless network given the controlling devices such as computer or Smartphone and Wireless allowed Router is in working status.

  1. To successfully connect and work the printer over a local wireless network, the understanding is a need.
  2. A PC or Smartphone or Tablet owning complete agreement with the Printer. Any of these devices utilized must be related to your wireless network.
  3. Strong Internet connection, before Broadband
  4. Follow all the connected devices powered ON Router and computer/Smartphone/Tablet
  5. Have in mind that the Printer and computer/Smartphone organization must utilize the same wireless network.
  6. Assuming that you had completed the first Printer Setup exercise which includes basic Hardware & Control Panel Settings, ensuring ink cartridges, and fit paper package mounting on the Input plate.
  7. Move about all connected devices i.e Printer, computer one, and Router to station them all well within the wireless range of the router to guarantee strong connectivity. Once verified, go ahead and power up the Printer.

Step 2: Home Stretch- Link up the Printer Wirelessly

HP Smart Application

HP Smart Application is a guardian for client limited knowledge in Wireless Connectivity. HP Smart application explains connectivity steps and allows quick launch. Let’s see how HP Smart Application secures 123 HP OJ Pro 8035 to a wireless network. The fit computer should run Windows 10 or Mac OS and the Smartphone should be powered by Android or Apple’s newest OS versions.

  1. Have in mind that the Printer and computer/Smartphone unification must utilize the similar wireless network.
  2. HP’s Official sites hp.com/setup 8035 should help in downloading and Installing the excellent HP Smart Application.
  3. Run the Application and accept the stated Terms & Conditions.
  4. Please locate the Plus Sign and snap on it. Follow the choices way: Add Printer -> Setup and Add a New Printer.
  5. HP Smart Application is actually close just to conduct you within a series of on-screen guidance to wirelessly secure your HP Printer onto the wanted Wireless Network. As easy as that !! The Android OS version 7 or later is fully fit. Given one encounters challenges in the aforementioned versions, briefly deactivating the Mobile data solves the network struggle.
  6. Your Printer is presently raring to work!

123 HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Setup Wizard :

Wireless Setup Wizard is an inbuilt Control Panel characteristic which is another useful alternative support to link up your printer wirelessly.

  1. Swipe down your desktop of the control panel to access the printer’s dashboard. Setup Icon is nested inside the Dashboard which must be touched.
  2. Follow the following choices. Network Setup à Wireless Settings à Wireless Setup Wizard. The Printer launches an examination of accessible wireless networks in the country.
  3. Choose the wanted Network Name.
  4. If the wanted Network Name is absent, utilize the choice Enter Network Name to carry out a manual supply by typing in the Name.
  5. The User Identification is established with the assist of a Password Verification. Complete with an OK. The Network Name and Password is Case-Sensitive meaning the proper cases have to be followed while entering them.
  6. Presently, HP OfficeJet Pro 8035 is available for use!!!



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